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Written by Jhill Bosher-Perran   // April 20, 2012   //


The Vampire Diaries


“Heart of Darkness”

In tonight’s episode, we have the return of an old favorite to Mystic Falls; we continue to play “she loves me! She loves me not between Elena with Stephan and Damon; and a whole host of other edge-on-your seat happenings take place. Do you have your cups ready? That last drop of this weeks episode is so good, you’re going to want to make sure you save a little to savor at the end.


The story continues tonight with Elena visiting Alarick. He tells her that she shouldn’t be there, but even though he’s being detained, he still needs the basics. He laughs when he looks at what she brought for him and sees that Damon has send Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for him to read. Elena didn’t notice it nor does she find it funny, when Rick brings it up.


Just as backup to the show this week for those who’ve forgotten, Alarick is being kept in a dungeon because his evil alter ego has hidden the white oak ask stake that they need, and they aren’t letting him out until he tells them where it is. He’s been warned that Klaus is going to wage war if he doesn’t get it back, but Rick doesn’t seem too concerned about threats of what Klaus will or won’t do.


Elena tells Rick that Stephen is going to watch over him for a while, because she and Damon are going to Denver to check on Jeremy. She tells Rick that Stephan wants her to take the trip because he believes that she’s got unresolved feelings for Damon.


“Do you?” he asks, pointedly.


She shrugs. “I guess it’s why I’m going on the trip to figure it out.”


Meanwhile, Stephan and Damon talking. He wants to know if Stephan has spoken with Klaus, and he alludes to the fact that he’s not concerned about Klaus. Damon likes his brother’s confidence though he doesn’t share it.


Elena looks at Stephan before she leaves, he tells her to be safe. She wants to say something to him. You can clearly see that she does, but when he tells her to be safe, she drops it and leaves with Damon.


At school, Caroline walks into the gym wanting to know what’s going on with the dance? Things don’t look like what she’d planned for. Caroline says that it’s suppose to be set up to do a Dance of the 1970′s instead of the 1920′s, which Rebekah is attempting to set up. They argue over it and Caroline storms out.


Matt follows her out and tells her that was very impressive. Apparently, it was an act, and she sold it well. Caroline smiles and tells him to keep Rebekah occupied and to be careful!


Back at the dungeon, Alarick asks Stephan if he knows how hard it is to fall asleep when that’s what you’re suppose to do? He asks Stephan to have a drink with him and they make small talk about the trip that the other when on. Rick wants to know why Stephan didn’t go, and listens as he reasons that Elena had some things to work out, and she didn’t need him tagging along to do it. He says that she’s got to work out her feelings, or it won’t matter what he wants.


Pan to Denver with Elena and Damon watching Jeremy on the ball field. Damon leans over and whispers to Elena, “Next time, we compel him, remind me to make him better at baseball.”


After the three of them talk for a while, Jeremy tells him that he can’t talk to Rose [dead vampire from a previous show who helped Damon] or find out what he wants to know. Just then, Jeremy’s friend walks up, and Eleana tells Damon to look because it’s Cole, an Original. He’s not a friend of Jeremy’s and Damon knocks him out, which gives them a head start in getting away. Jeremy, Elena and Damon go to a little out of the way hotel. Jeremy looks pissed and says that he can’t believe that Cole was a vampire. Damon makes the comment about him making friends so quickly – perhaps he should be more careful.


Then, inside the room, Damon calls to Rose. They’re trying to bring her to them. Damon tells them that she spent her last day on earth in Paradise, soaking in the sun and reminiscing what it meant to be human. She wasn’t afraid of it.


“She’s here.” Jeremy tells them.


Pan to Caroline walking in the woods. She’s looking around and smiles when she sees Tyler.


“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you!” and they kiss. [Yeah, we’ve missed him too!] They go to a dungeon and take off their clothes to make love.


Next, we see Matt’s blue pick up truck taking Rebekah home. She wants to know why he’s being nice to her? Matt looks at her and says that it’s sad that she can’t get a ride home from school without thinking there’s some ulterior motive. She tells him that he’s right and pulls back on her suspicion. Rebekah she get’s out of Matt’s truck, and smiles as she watches him pull away.


When she gets in the house, she sees her mother.


“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now?”


Esther looks at her intently and says. “Because I’m already dying.”


Meanwhile, Rose tells Jeremy that she misses Damon and is rooting for him and Elena. Then, she tells him that Mary Porter sired her, and she’ll see what she can find out regarding the dilemma of killing the originals.


Stephan and Rick are talking – wondering if Elena found Jeremy? They talk about other things and Stephen tells Rick that it makes perfect sense that his alter ego is a raging, maniacal being given that his wife left him to become a vampire, then his girlfriend was killed by one. Alarick says that the vampire is truly him.


Stephan disagrees and tells him that the alter ego is just “the darkest parts of you, like we all have in us.”


Just then, Klaus shows up demanding the other stake.


Damon tells him they’re proceeding with caution because, when they killed Finn, they discovered that it killed his entire line of all vampires who came after him. Klaus is impatient, but Stephan says in a direct tone. “We need to find it because I don’t really feel like dying.”


When Stephan says that, Klaus knocks out Alarick.


Meanwhile, Stephan calls Damon. He tells him Rick is knocked out, [he was wearing his ring] and he finds out that they’ve contacted Rose. Damon tells him that they’re stuck in a motel.


Jeremy asks Elena what’s up with Damon and tells her that Rose said something. Elena asks what it was just as Damon walks back in. They agree to get some rest, because Rose will make herself known when she gets back.


Meanwhile, Esther is telling Rebekah how she’s dying? “When the Bennett witch died, it weakened me.”


Rebekah asks if she’s suppose to feel bad about that. Her mother knows she’s upset with her, but she tells her that she’s been looking over her for 1000 years and lists the scenes of things that she saw like her daughter crying over this or that; struggling; learning, etc.


“No one should live for a 1000 years,” she tells her daughter but doe apologize for trying to kill her. They take hands, and squeeze. Esther shakes violently and dies just as Klaus walks in.


Back at the dungeon, we see that Caroline and Tyler are wrapped up in each other. They talk about Klaus. He won’t know if the spell is broken unless they test it. Tyler tells her that he feels different. He feels freer. He told her he turned 100 times in the Appalachian Mountains.


Caroline listens, then tells him that Matt killed an original and all the vampires of that line, died. If they find out Klaus isn’t the Originator of their blood line, they’re going to kill him. Tyler looks confused because Klaus is the one who turned him and that move would kill him. Caroline looks sad and tells Tyler that Damon doesn’t care.


Back in the cheap motel room, Elena is watching Damon drinking and checking out the window. His shirt is opened as he sits back in a chair and looks over at her. She watches him drink, and he sees her awake. She puts her head down and closes her eyes then looks back at him. He moves to her, and crawls on the bed.


“You never told me about that…what you did for us,” she replies.


He tells her that it wasn’t about you.


She looks at him and asks sincerely. “Why don’t let people see good in you?”


“Because when people see good, they expect good, and I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations!”


They stare at each other. Then, hands connect. Then, Elena gets up and walks to the door.


Damon follows her.




He calls her name.


She turns and kisses him, and things get pretty hot and heavy.


Jeremy calls to her and tells her that Rose found Mary, and that she lives in Kansas.


The walk back into the room to head that way, and Jeremy looks hard at Elena.


Back at the dungeon, when Alarick comes to, Stephan says “welcome back”.


Alarick asks what happened and Stephan tells him that he laid there dead for half the night but on the plus side, he almost made it through an entire reading of Moby Dick.


Alarick tells Stephan that he made the hiding place so no one could find it. He hopes his alter ego doesn’t have a death wish. He takes off the ring.


Stephen tells Alarick that he’s not going to kill him, and Alarick says that he’s going to have to try.


Meanwhile, Jeremy, Elena and Damon go find the house where Mary lives, but tell Jeremy to wait outside. He sarcastically quips, “what? So you two can make out more?”


The house is creepy as they move through it. Damon tells Elena they should call in Vampire Hoarders. They hear a bang and go to investigate.


Mary has been staked. “Oh, Mary!” Elena gasps.


Cole steps up and says “Some man says ‘quite contrary’.”


Back at the dungeon, Alarick’s bad ego surfaces and he and Stephan begin fighting. Stephan sees the blood and weakens. He tells him to tap into his dark side, so Stephan knocks him down and Alarick’s bad side comes out, ranting that Stephan is so weak. “We’re natures most hideous creatures, and you can’t even get that right,” he taunts.


Stephen looks at him and says “you,”


Alarick with the evil eyes says “me.”


Pan back to Cole, Damon and Elena. Cole tells them it’s a shame about Mary. Then, he takes a bat and hits Damon.


Flip back to the fight in the dungeon. Stephan demands to know where the stake is?


He’s met with a comment of “You’re spineless and pathetic,” by Alarick.


“Tell me where it is before I kill you!”


Then, Stephan goes for Alarick and attacks him, demanding to know, once again, where the steak is?


They fight some more and Stephan gets him in a head lock and threatens to kill him by the count of three. When he starts counting, Alarick breaks and tells him.


“It’s in a cave where no Vampire can get it!” he spills the beans, and Stephen goes in pursuit of it. Just as he opens the door, he’s met by Klaus and Rebekah.


“That wasn’t too hard was it?” asks Klaus.


The next scene is Elena and Damon. They get up from their scuffle with Cole and Elena turns away from Damon.


“What the hell is this?” he demands to know.


She turns and faces him. “Stephan thinks I have feelings for you?”


“Do you?” he asks, hopeful.


Elena looks truly pained. “I don’t know.”


“Hm,” he replies at that. “I guess you thought this little trip would help you figure it out for you.”


She tells Damon that he sabotages things. She’s tired of him lashing out whenever there’s a bump in the road.


“What if there was no bump?”


She doesn’t respond.


He tells her he’s not going to make it easy for her. She’s going to have to figure it out for herself.


Meanwhile, Klaus is having a drink with Stephan, while Rebekah takes Alarick to the caves. Then, he informs him that Damon has failed in his little mission. [Whatever that was]


“I’m waiting for my old friend to come back,” says Klaus.


Damon tells him that he can’t control him anymore, so unless he’s going to stake him, “get the hell out of my house!”


Damon and Elena are in the car driving home. Jeremy is in the back seat with Rose. She explains the beauty of Elena with Damon: she makes him a better person, and he changes her too. Damon challenges her and makes her question her beliefs. Stephen is different. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.”


Jeremy looks back and forth between his sister and Damon in the front seat, then turns back to Rose, but she’s gone.


The next scene is Tyler getting ready to sleep on the couch at Caroline’s house.


They talk about a few things and Caroline tells him, “I just got you back. I’m not losing you again!”


He looks down at a picture of a woman with a wolf. He knows that Klaus drew it for you, and doesn’t understand what’s going on?


“Does he have a thing for you?”


Caroline assures him that nothing happened why he was gone. He accepts that but wants to know why she kept the drawing. She stares at him with no answer. He decides to spend the night elsewhere.


Pan to Alarick is in the caves. He comes upon something.


“Go get it!” Rebekah tells him. “You know I can’t get it.”


He pulls up the white ask stake and asks her a question: “Now why would I give you the one thing I need to keep me alive?”


She tells him she doesn’t want one original to die. She wants them all to die, and that, perhaps, they could help one another. In that moment, we realize that Esther has gotten into Rebekah’s body. She tells Alarick they had a LOT in common.


And it ends!


Wow! The show ended on a truly “whoa” note. It was good to the last, devious, didn’t-see-that-one-coming drop. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, it twists and turns. I don’t know about you, but I’m still on my toes. Now, go savor that drop, and check back next week….

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