Steve Jobs The Lost Interview

Written by Larissa Rzemienski   // April 24, 2012   //

Steve Jobs The Lost InterviewSteve Jobs The Lost Interview

Steve Jobs:  The Interview opens in Landmark Theatres around the country on April 27th. The “movie” is actually a full length interview that was conducted by Robert X. Cringely for a 1995 TV series called, ‘Triumph of the Nerds,’ about the birth of the PC.

Since only a portion of the interview with Steve Jobs was used on the TV series, the public has never had a chance to view the full interview before now. Many thought that the footage of the full interview had been lost, but the VHS tape (yes, VHS TAPE!!) showed up in the series director’s garage. The VHS tape was restored to the highest quality possible, and the finishing touch includes the commentary from Robert X. Cringely on the infamous interview

The interview is said to really highlight the true passion that Steve Jobs had for technology, and shows him at his “charismatic best.” In 1995, as you may remember, Steve Jobs had left Apple and was running NeXT, a niche computer company, that designed computer workstations for higher education and business markets.

In the interview Steve Jobs states, “”I was worth around a million dollars when I was 23, over 10 million dollars when I was 24 and over 100 million dollars when I was 25 – and it wasn’t really important!” He talks with some sadness about his departure from Apple, but excitedly talks about his new venture (NeXT).

The most powerful portion of the interview is said to be when Steve Jobs talks about his vision of the future of technology. It will be interesting to see whether this passionate talk included some hints about his later creation of the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

Triumph of the Nerds also featured interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and Steve Woznaik among others. Additional information and some of the show’s transcripts can still be found on the PBS website.

Here is a clip from Triumph of The Nerds (1996):

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