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“A Busy Solution”




In tonight’s episode, it begins with where last one’s left off: inside the house with Becca facing a blaring alarm, which she quickly disarms.


Once that’s taken care of, she, Dax and Giancarlo look around. It appears that the place has been in existence for 10 years based on clippings that are on the wall. Becca continues to look around and finds a pressure sensor outside of a door. She opens it to find a room that cause her to flashback to Prague 1992, when she and Paul are getting the room ready for their son. The room she’s staring at looks much like that one, with navy walls, because Paul told her that navy was a young man’s color.


As they’re putting together their son’s room, they get a phone call. Paul tells her that Martin is sending him out for 48 hours.


Flash to the prison-mansion where Michael and Oksana are talking about escaping. They make plans to leave the following day.


Remember last week when I said that watching this show is like a coin tossing. Time to toss:


Becca continues to scope out the cabin, when one of the agents look at a calendar that has July 18 circled. They call, “that’s today, does it mean something to you?” Becca doesn’t answer, but focuses on the desk drawer which she gets opened and calls, “Jackpot”. Inside the desk, they find maps and information relating to Russia and the Ukraine. It has train routes.


“They’re smuggling goods by rail.”


Coin toss.


One of the guards goes to Michael and asks him where the insulin is, but he denies knowing anything about it, and sticks to that story even after the guard tells him to carefully re-think that statement. Michael holds firm to having no clue about the insulin, so they threaten Oksana, and she caves and hands it over.


Meanwhile, we watch as Paul chases down the car that contains the $250 million in stocks. The CIA gave it to an agent to take back to the states. Paul rams into the car, flipping it over and tells the driver to give him the stocks or die. He walks away with the suitcase.


Back at the cabin, Becca finds a employee i.d. badge with Michael’s picture and name on it. It was made after he went missing. They also find the name of a contact [Victor Asamoff sp] who Paul dealt with years ago. Becca thinks this is the man who took Michael. Before she can process this, an alarm goes off, and the team goes running out of the cabin just before it blows.


Becca is ticked off because all the evidence is lost. The team begins to scour through the remnants of the cabin, when Giancarlo pulls Becca aside and shows her on his cell phone an open case file on Victor Asamoff. He tells her the guy is former Russian Intel, and he’s the one who does have Michael. He scans down and shows her an old case file, and Becca knows that Paul’s name is on it. She wants to look further into the file but Giancarlo won’t allow her to and they argue over her involvement because she’s no longer with the agency.


Becca has another flashback to being pregnant. Paul is telling the baby to always take care of his mother.


At the mansion-prison, Michael examines the cell phone that he found, but it still has no signal. He’s looking for a way to rig it and make it work. On the grounds of the mansion-prison, a Helicopter lands.


The next scene shows a woman from CIA showing up at the remains of the blown up cabin. She tells Becca that the investigation into her son’s disappearance has been suspended, and she removes Dax from the case. Becca goes ballistic.


She pulls Dax aside and informs him that the agency always thought Paul was dirty, and they’ve wondered about Becca too. She tells Dax to get out of this and go see his children in London.


The next thing we know, Becca hijacks the Helicopter and takes off, leaving Dax, Giancarlo and the un-named CIA women staring up and calling to her.


The woman CIA agent turns to Giancarlo and tells him to take it back to Rome. Giancarlo doesn’t appear too thrilled with her presence or attitude. She puts the period behind her comment by telling him that Becca Winstone is theirs.


Flashback to Becca in 1992. She’s on the kitchen floor, calling Martin because she’s gone into labor. She needs to know where he sent him so that she can get word to him to come home. She learns that Paul lied to her because Martin didn’t send him anywhere.


Flash to Paul in a car driving away with the stocks. As his eyes scan the road, he flashes back to a moment when he and Victor are walking the streets and talking about Intel and the changing world. Victor tells him that he’s getting into Capitalism and invites Paul to join him. It’s his belief that he and Paul are grossly underpaid for their skills, and he thinks it’s time for them to take their skills to the private sector and get properly compensated for the work they do. Before Paul can say anything, his cell phone rings. It’s Martin informing him that Becca’s gone into labor and telling him not to use his name again the next time he lies to Becca.


Coin toss to the mansion-prison. Michael rigs the cell phone and gets a signal. He calls his mother but her message box is full. Downstairs, Oksana is making food for the guards, when one of them mentions his cell phone is missing. The main guard immediately looks up and goes after Michael who he finds making phone calls. A fight ensues and Oksana rushes in and injects the guy with insulin. While the guard is incapacitated, they take off.


Becca, herself, is busy knocking the pilot of the helicopter out and chaining him to it, before she steals his gun and takes off. She drives to a warehouse and begins looking around. When she hears noises outside, she goes to a window and watches as men load a rail car. She doesn’t know with what or understand.


Cut back to the prison-mansion where Michael and Oksana are in the basement trying to get out but the gate is locked. Oksana shoots it so that they can leave, but they hear the guards coming for them.


Flash to Becca. She calls Giancarlo and tells them they have to meet. When they do meet, he lets her listen to the phone message from Michael, and she begins to cry. She tells him about the rail yard and activity going on there but doesn’t know what it means. Giancarlo tells her that he’ll call Interpol and report the train so that they can track it.


As Becca listens to him telling her the plan, she has a flashback to her labor with Michael. The cord is apparently wrapped around his neck, but the Dr.’s won’t let Martin go with her to delivery. She gets very upset, but he tells her that she can do it, and he’ll be there waiting.


Becca looks at Giancarlo and tells him that whatever is on that train is worth more than diamonds and drugs. She tells him to track it and stop it, but that he can’t help her beyond this point. She says that Martin told her that she needed to stop being a mother as she fights to get back HER asset, and asks him not to follow her. She tells him that she’s got to do this part alone.


At the mansion-prison, Michael and Oksana find that the insulin is not stored in the little refrigerator as it once was. He tells Oksana they’ve got to go without it, and asks her to trust him because he came back for her. He assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her. They get outside and begin running, but it’s too early to escape, because the train isn’t due yet.


Pan to Becca. She’s walking in front of a building where Asamoff works. We see both Dax and Giancarlo watching from cars. Inside Dax’s car, the female CIA agent says that if she comes out alive, it means that Becca is working with him.


When Becca gets inside, she walks right over to the camera and looks directly at it. Immediately, two guards come and take her to a huge office.


As she’s being pushed inside, she says to Victor. “I want…”


But, he cuts her off, telling her he knows what she wants. He studies her, looking truly puzzled.


“I’m not sure what your play is just walking in here…”


She tells him that if her life is the price she has to pay to see her son again, than she’ll give it, because without him, she’s already dead.


He picks up a phone and says something into it. The guards knock Becca out and Victor says as she falls to the ground, “We’ll move them together.”


Outside, Dax and Giancarlo both watch Asamoff’s car pull out, and Giancarlo intercepts it. The female CIA agent says she guesses Becca is on her own when the car that Giancarlo pulls over doesn’t have her inside.


We see a car driving away with Becca in the trunk. Its heading for the prison mansion. When the car stops, she kicks at the trunk lid which the agent opens. Of course, she wins the tussle, and after she breaks free, she takes the guy’s phone and calls Giancarlo, telling him to trace the call before she tosses it and runs into the house not letting him respond.


In the woods, Michael watches as men come looking for them just as Becca gets inside the house. She finds a code scratched on a table and begins to cry.


Off in the distance, the train is coming. Michel tells Oksana they have to jump on it at the right moment so that no one can jump on it behind them, but a man discovers where they’re hiding and begins shooting. Becca hears the shots and runs through the house, down into the basement and gets outside just as Michael and Oksana run for the train. She hears her son’s name being called and begins chasing after them, shooting at men who get in her way. They get on the train and hug, having no idea that Becca is trying to catch them. When she gets to the tracks, the train is gone. She’s missed it. Immediately, she flashbacks to delivering Michael before she goes running back into the house.


The next thing we see are black cars driving up to the mansion-prison. Becca runs to the parked Mercedes that brought her to this place and takes off, only to run into the cars of Dax and Giancarlo. Dax arrests her, and Giancarlo argue with him for doing it. The woman CIA says that Giancarlo is coming with them as their guest.


Pan to Paul driving down a lane remembering when he first saw Becca and the Baby.


“Where were you? You lied to me, Paul.”


“I was meeting an asset. You understand,” he tells her.


“I did good, and you missed it!” she tells him, not hiding her disappointment.


He apologizes and tells her that he’ll always be sorry for that, as he kisses Michael’s head then shows him to the window: “Michael Winstone meet the world. World, meet Michael Winstone.”


Pan to the train. It’s July 18, and Michael tells Oksana that it’s his birthday. They begin to make love, and the next image flashes to Victor on another car on the train. Then, the screen goes black.


WHAT a ride! Wow. It continues to get intense – cat and mouse, chess, whatever you want to call it. “Missing” continues to pack high-volt jams in an hour, and we still have no idea where it’s heading next?  However, the previews for next week pose an interesting question: Is Rebecca Winston a double agent? I’ll leave you to ponder that thought. Until next week, let me suggest that we all eat our Wheaties, because from the pace of this show, we’re going to need it. Stay tuned…


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