Magic City Recap & Review

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Magic City Recap and Review Episode 3

Magic City “Castles Made of Sand” Ep. 103

On the last episode of “Magic City” Ike Evans had to face the disappearance of Mike Strauss, the union leader, and the affair between Stevie Evans and Lily Diamond really started to heat up.

Episode #3 of “Magic City” starts with a dramatic scene of Ike Evans putting money into the mailbox of Ann Straus (Mike’s widow) as she sends her young son off to school. The glamour of the Miramar is everywhere as the pageant girls are visiting the hotel and the synchronized swimming sessions are well orchestrated.

Magic City Recap and Review Episode 3

Danny and Mercedes continue flirting, although it’s unclear where this story line is heading and why it is really necessary in the show. This storyline either needs to really heat up or go away altogether on Magic City.

Mike Strauss, the union lawyer, is still considered a missing person as his body has not shown up. Mike asks Vincent to catch the asshole who is doing all of this.

Vera Evans calls Ike Evans sobbing and incomprehensible. We find out that it is a petty manner and Ike is incredibly annoyed by her phone call. Vera seems to feel pretty unimportant to her husband and hangs up the phone on him.

Arthur Evans, Ike’s father, is dancing with his nurse and passes out. Ike visits his father in the hospital but all is well, and Arthur just needs some rest. Arthur and Ike have a heart to hear t about how they miss Ike’s mother. Arthur tells Ike how proud he is of Ike’s major accomplishments in life.

Ben Diamond questions Lily about her hair and asks, “since when do you get your hair done at night?” He is starting to get suspicious that there is something going on. Ben tells her, “have a nice night IN sweetie” as he drives off.

Lily Evans makes a phone call to Stevie to let him know that she can’t make it for their rendezvous until later. She asks him about the intimate photos that he took of her to reassure that nobody will find out about their affair.

Vera Evans runs into an old friend, Clifford, in the hotel lobby. They are excited to see one another and embrace. She informs “Cliffy” that she is now married to Ike Evans. Cliffy asks Vera to hang out the next night, and they both talk about how much fun they used to have together.

Mike’s widow visits Ike and the Miramar and states that she knows how much Ike has always loved Mike like a brother. She states that she knows that Mike Strauss is dead, and she would rather work for the money than receive the charity money in her mailbox each week. Ike agrees to have her work in the Miramar kitchen.

Vera Evans talks to Ike about her friend Clifford visiting.  She states that they knew each other from the Tropicana back in the day. She asks Ike if they could all go out to catch a show or go dancing. Vera tells Ike, “don’t be jealous.”

Ike joins Meg, his late wife’s sister, for a business meeting to discuss the future of the hotel. They share a heartfelt moment as they make a toast, “To Molly.” Ike states, “this is harder than I thought.” Ike asks Meg about investing a 49% share in the hotel in order to get rid of Ben Diamond. Meg is very hesitant and wants to look over all the details.

Magic City Meg played by Kelly Lynch

Ben asks to have Stevie join him in his cabana. Ben asks Stevie, “is there something that you want to tell me?” Stevie plays stupid, and Ben says, “but you do know. You just don’t want me to find out.” It seems as though Stevie is safe as Ben just talks to him about, “catching the guy.” It seems as though Ben still hasn’t caught on that Stevie is the one having an affair with his wife.

Cliff and Ike meet for the first time, and Cliff congratulates Ike on marrying Vera. Vera arrives and is completely dolled up. Cliff plants a juicy kiss on her cheek in front of Ike. The three head out for a night on the town. As they are leaving Meg arrives, and Vera and Cliff are left alone together so that Meg and Ike can talk business. Cliff and Vera dance the night away as Meg and Ike continue to talk numbers. There seems to be the beginnings of some sexual tension between Meg and Ike.

Lily Diamond and Stevie are hot and heavy in bed. She asks Stevie, “can you just hold me?” They spoon together into the wee hours of the night.

Cliff asks Vera to come with him back to New York and get a featured role in a network TV show. He tells her, “you are just too beautiful… it’s not too late.”

Lily does a walk of shame back into her mansion as dawn approaches. Ben, Ike, Vera, Stevie, and Lily all get together to watch the pageant. Awkward moments always abound in this routine reunion of all the cast members at the end of each Magic City episode. The third episode of Magic City ends with a bloody bath tub scene, and then the dead body of Mike Strauss floating to the surface as an airboat in the Everglades cruises by. Magic City continues to be an incredible TV series to watch!

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