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Written by Jhill Bosher-Perran   // April 15, 2012   //

Harry’s Law

“The Contest”




In this week’s episode, we see the players from last week’s case beginning the story for this week. Harry, and Tommy meet with Sam Berman and Phoebe to discuss their case and where they go from here? Sam says they’ve got Harry dead to rights on liability, and she tells him to get lost and take Gwyneth with him, which is her nickname for Phoebe. She tells Sam that they aren’t going to win the case, especially since his case involves a tobacco company that makes a product that kills people. Harry is betting that most of public opinion is going to be on her side. If it’s not, she gives Sam her bottom line: “You’re not getting a fu@kin% penny!”


When Phoebe steps out of the board room, she asks Adam if he’s given any more thoughts to…, but he cuts her off and tells her not to ask him again. She shrugs and decides not to press it. However, before she can leave, Oliver calls Phoebe into his office for a possible consult. Apparently, a couple is in with Oliver discussing a situation that involves their 17-year-old daughter. She’s very smart and was accepted to Yale, but they fear that not only might she being doing drugs, but selling them as well. They tell Oliver and Phoebe that strange kids are calling at all hours of the night; they’re concerned because she’s bought herself a new car, and they don’t know where she got the money. Then, they tell the attorney’s that they’ve confronted Jessica about it, but she denies it. Oliver tells Phoebe that she’s good with kids, and was wondering if she’d talk with her?


Back in the office, Harry tells Tommy to let them, i.e. Berman sue because she really doesn’t care at this point. The case has become very personal to her, and she’s not going to pay Sam or the firm a dime.


Oddly, while Harry and Tommy are talking, Sam drops in to make a deal with her to drop the suit and go back to work for the firm. It was in this moment that it dawned on me that Sam was her ex-boss at her previous law firm. No wonder the contention! He lets Harry know that the patent department has gone to hell without her.


Harry cringes and tells Tommy to get her gun.


Sam, trying to be the diplomat, wants to bury the hatchet and work out the differences that have come between them. Harry takes a swig of beer, looking at Sam intently AND intensely. Then, tells him that the only place she would like to bury her hatchet is in his head. [I LOVE this show and this character. She’s ALL spit and vinegar, and it’s fun to watch!]


Harry brings up the Lockover Fundraiser and brags that her firm plans to win the competition this year.


“With what?” Sam laughing asks. You can tell that he finds her comment not only comical but implausible.


Obviously, Sam hasn’t ever heard the phrase, “never underestimate the ANYTHING of a woman!”


Meanwhile, Phoebe goes to talk with Jessica Donner at the high school. Phoebe is asking her questions, trying to get a handle on the situation to see what they’re dealing with? Jessica shows her a small tattoo that she got on her ankle that made her parents freak out. Phoebe presses and asks how she was able to a afford the car? She tells Phoebe that she works in an upscale restaurant.


Looking Phoebe straight in the eye she says, “I smile, they tip.” [No. We don’t believe her either.]


Back at the office, Harry tells her firm she’s entered them in the Lockover Fundraiser. Then, she pleads her case, letting them know that the money goes to St. Jude’s for kids with cancer – good cause, she emphasizes. She tells them all that she bet on them. And, if they win, Sam drops the suit. Her firm seems surprised by the stunt but goes along with it.


Next, we see that Oliver goes over to the high school. The police and school administration are looking inside Jessica’s locker that’s teaming with packs of a morning after type pill called “Just in Case”. Phoebe goes to tell Jessica that she’s about to be arrested.


Jessica can’t believe she’s really in trouble for this. She tells Phoebe that if you’re over 16, you can buy them without a prescription, which she did. She sells them at cost and doesn’t make a profit so she doesn’t see how that’s breaking the law? [She overlooks the little aspect of the minors involved] Additionally, she tells Phoebe that the girls she sells them too are afraid to go to a clinic or ask their parents to sign the prescription for them.


Meanwhile, Adam tells Chunhua about the hottest assistant aspect of the contest and tells her it’s for a good cause. Harry wants to know if she’ll agree to do the show?


We don’t see the answer to the question. The next thing we see is Harry and Adam in a bar and her telling him something that’s between just them: she complains about the firms that come and go – the ones that are in local magazines or get a lot of media public relations, but have gone by the wayside – no longer in existence. She tells him “Harry Korn’s firm just plugs along. Their firm isn’t fuddy duddy. They’re pretty good looking!” she adds. “I may be 60 but I’m damn hot. I sizzle in fact! We’re sexy; we’re hip and we’re hot!” That’s her mantra for the firm and she’s sticking to it.


In the courtroom, Oliver is appalled that D.A. Crookshank has tacked on aiding and abetting charges to Jessica’s case. He defends his position that “disbursing birth control pills to minors encouraging them to engage in all sorts of illicit and sexual behaviors” but before he can finish, the judge cuts him off.


Oliver realizes that a lot is riding on the case for Jessica and request that they move forward with it as soon as possible. It’s set for the following morning.


Phoebe says something to Crookshank, and he looks at her and tells her that his daughter has an American Girl doll named Julie Albright. Then, his eyes gaze into hers as he says, she looks just like you. Phoebe stares at him [as did I - CREEPY] and says that sometimes, I like to cuddle with her myself. Then, he leaves her to ponder that thought which isn’t something that anyone would really want to give serious consideration to!


At trial, Jess gets into the case while on the stand. She says that the drugs she’s selling to minors has no effect on an existing pregnancy. She explains that it simply prevents one and distinguishes it from RU486. She brings up President Obama and says that she’ll be 18 in October and plans to vote for him, but she was upset with him because he said that Obama promised that he wouldn’t let politics trump science when making decisions but that’s exactly what the Department of HHS did when it swept in and overrode the FDA’s approval of the drug to be disbursed over the counter. She tells the court that it pissed her off, so she took matters into her own hands.


Crookshank, the conservative albeit kinky and flawed man, says that he admires a young lady who fights for what she believes in. Then, he ruins the sentiment with the comment, “We’d have a better country if we all broke the law on issues we didn’t agree!”


Harry and Oliver discuss Jessica’s case while on break when Sam shows up and asks Harry if she wants out of the bet, and she says no. He baits her. “You want to go double or nothing?”


Harry doubles the bet then realizes that she’s just been played.


Oliver wants to know how much the bet is? Harry looks at Oliver and says regretfully $3.1 million. Ouch. Not a good move and I’m not the only one who thought it. Oliver didn’t look to thrilled with that news either.


Back in the courtroom, Phoebe talks to a young student, Madison, who is on the stand. She talks about Madison and her boyfriend having sex and brings up the fact that his condom ripped. Madison tells Phoebe that she’s not an expert, but she got the pill from Jessica and didn’t get pregnant. Likewise, she didn’t need her parents consent. When asked why she didn’t simply go to her parents, she tells Phoebe that her parents would have killed her so she went to Jessica. Crookshank takes over and re-establishes that her friend, Jessica, sold her the pill. Madison tells him that Jessica is not her friend.


He probes further wanting to know why she would take a medication sold to her from someone she didn’t know. Madison responds that the box said “Just in Case” on the package. He wants to know if Jessica at any time told her about possible side effects, inquired if she was taking other medications, or checked to see if it could have any interactions of any kind for any reason. Madison told him know.


Smugly, he asks her, so if I sold you a candy bar that said Snickers on it, you’d automatically eat it?


Oliver objects that no one is interested in hearing about D. A. Crookshank selling bogus candy to under-aged girls. Yeah. It was a great line.


At the office, Cassie tells Adam that Harry is out of control with regard to this bet she’s made with Sam Berman and is concerned that they might lose the firm if they loose. Adam looks concerned but doesn’t say anything about it.


Back in court, there’s a Dr. On the stand. He’s asked if this “Just in Case” pill is tantamount to an abortion, and he responds that it’s not. He tells the court that it prevents ovulation, and it has less side effects than Ibuprofen, cough medicines, and various other over-the-counter drugs. He makes the point that it met the regulatory standard for a non-prescription drug before the Department of Health and Human Services got involved. In essence, he said that “the administration” overruled it, and stressed that it was more than likely done because it’s an election year.


The final question was posed to the doctor: “Is it illegal for a 17 yr old to purchase the drug and give it to a minor? The doctor said no.”


Harry worries that if no deal is offered to Jessica that she could be facing a serious amount of time, but no deal is being offered. Crookshank, it seems, believes he’s got a slam dunk.


In his closing argument, D. A. Crookshank, says that what Jessica did amounted to trafficking. Pure and simple. He pointed to the fact that Jessica Donner was not a doctor, yet she was, in essence, effectively treating the young Madison. He maintained that she’s not qualified to make those type of decisions.


He said that he understands that kids want to have sex. He even gets that. But, he qualifies, that what frightens him is the idea that instead of turning to their parents or physicians during this dangerous threshold, kids would rather seek out contemporaries for information, and advice in matters that are by there very nature, adult issues. He closes by saying that they simply cannot allow children to make these kind of decisions when they are not qualified to do so.


Phoebe takes the floor and says to the jury: “Wow! Now, I almost want to convict her.” However, she says the word “almost” and goes on to explain what a scary thing it is in this day and age for kids growing up in this world. She agrees with Crookshank that there is nothing more terrifying to any parent than watching their kids navigate through the teen years, BUT, she emphasizes that parents can’t be there to intervene in every situation that their child finds themself in and sometimes, they must resort to self-help. She points out that Madison’s school teaching abstinence only. Abstinence only messages don’t arm kids with alternatives if they find themselves in a situation that requires some other choice. Then, she brings up the condom. Holds one up and wants to know what the difference is between the acceptable form of birth control for boys who can buy the product in any gas station bathroom stall vs. the pill that Jessica was distributing. She didn’t answer the question, but I was cheering at the tv because, quite simply, there is none. If one is acceptable, and it is. Then, both should be acceptable.


Phoebe argued that sex is all around these kids, and it’s not realistic to think that just because you don’t talk about it or teach them how to deal with engaging in it safely, doesn’t address the very real problems and concern that can arise as a result. Further she argues that “we” want to deter teenage pregnancy, which is why the FDA made it available. The administration maintained, she re-emphasized, that it would never let politics trump science, yet that’s exactly what it did. Now, she says, looking over to Crookshank, he wants to send her to jail for doing what the government promised it would do in the first place. She concluded by calling the notion silly.


Cut to the Fundraiser~Party time: Phoebe is talking with Adam. He asks why she’s not competing, but she doesn’t say anything. He pushes her on the reason, saying “You won, didn’t you?”


Phoebe smiles and tells him that she won three times. Before Adam can say anything, Phoebe gets a phone call that the jury is back. She goes to leave and tells Adam to tell Ollie that she’s got it covered. Harry tells Adam that she’s starting to really like Phoebe. [Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.]


As the fund-raiser gets under way, Chunhua does a sexy dance. Harry screams: “Law Offices of Harry Korn, we’re HOT!”


Phoebe goes to the court room and tells the Donner’s that them returning so early could be a good sign.


The screen pans back to the fund-raiser and more dancing. Tommy goes to do his stuff, which involves slide of hand, something he’s good at, and some magic tricks involving money and credit cards. Harry screams and cheers from the sidelines, giving Sam her own show.


Back in court: the verdict is handed down. It’s not guilty. And, the family erupts in squeals of delight and relief.


Back at the fund-raiser: Ollie and Cassie dance to Al Green “Let’s Stay Together.”


Harry says, “Now that is hot!” And, you know what? It was. It was very, really, kinda hot!


The MC comes out to crown the “New Champions” [is there really any surprise here] that it’s the Law offices of Harriet Korn? She blows a kiss to Sam.


Next, they all go to the bar to celebrate. Harry tells them all that the bet wasn’t enforceable, and apologizes to her team for asking them to do it. Then, she says, “Let’s win next year!”


Phoebe joins them and tells Harry and her employees that they are a hot, sexy firm.


Harry agrees and says “we’re a fine family too!” and they drink to that.


Then, Harry looks around at each of her employees and smiles before the screen fades.


I found myself smiling too because we’re right there with Harry in that sentiment, and watching this show for two years, it feels like they are OUR family as well. Just sayin’! See you next week for more viewing of this Hot, Sexy firm! ;-)


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