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“Leave It to the Beavers”





Wait! The troll said, jumping in front of him, this is my toll bridge! You have to pay a penny to go across.”

Tonight’s episode deals with the uprising of the beaver sub-culture against “the trolls” and the reapers with the aid of Nick, and winning.

The show opens with Nick and Monroe deep in the woods, because Nick wants to learn how to use a bow and arrow that he found among various weapons in his Aunt Marie’s trailer. As he shoots perfectly through a piece of fruit, we see a black car drive up to a dark construction site. The driver steps out of the car, and his face morphs into some ominous looking creature. He’s meeting with the owner of the construction site. The purpose of the meeting is for a shakedown. The owner [Robert Groson] is also a Grimm creature, and he tells the man, who we later learn is Salvatore Burtrell of the Planning Commission, that he’s not going to pay. Mr. Burtrell cautions him that he’s not only being stupid but reckless too. Robert states that he’s merely protecting what’s his. As you can imagine, this position doesn’t site well with Sal nor does it bode well for Robert, who tells Sal that he’s going to the D. A.’s office in the morning, and he won’t be stopped. Sal sees things a little differently, and tells Robert that he “seems to be a man buried in his work, and he’d like to help him.” Then, he stabs him.

Through an office window, an employee watches as Burtrell not only kills Groson but takes the body over to a pit and buries it beneath a river of flowing cement. He backs away, horrified, and calls 911, but when the operator asks for his name, he gets spooked and backs into something, making a noise. You’ve probably figured out that this tips off Burtrell that he’s not alone at the site – there’s a witness, and he goes to investigate just as the employee [Arnold] tries to quietly leave the building. Lo and behold, he runs smack dab into the killer, and a chase ensues. Surprisingly, Arnold gets away and goes to a friend’s house to hide in the basement.

When the noise wakes the guy we see sleeping in his chair, as a tv flashes colored light against the backdrop of a darkened room, he grabs a fire poker and goes to investigate. It’s then that he finds Arnold crouching in his basement. He tells him that he just witnessed something terrible.

Back at the site, Nick, Hank and Sgt. Wu arrive. Wu tells them that the 911 operator didn’t get a name but that whoever called definitely saw the whole thing go down. They run a trace on the phone and get an i.d. on Arnold. Next stop, visiting Arnold to get his statement and find out what he knows. Of course, he’s not home, and when they discover that his trailer is unlocked, they enter to look around. On a shelf, Nick sees a familiar photograph of three men fishing and flashes back to a previous event/episode looking at one of the men in the picture who he knows is of the beaver sub-culture.

Meanwhile, back at Nick’s house, Juliette tells him that she wants to invite Monroe to dinner as a “thank you” for saving her life. Nick hems and haws about it, but she’s adamant that she wants to do it.

Next, we see Nick telling Monroe to tell Juliette that he’s sick and can’t make it.

“That would work for one night, but that would be totally rude of me!” he counters.

Monroe wants to go, but they can’t be forthcoming with the circumstances of how they met nor why they are friends. Nick asks Monroe to name one aspect of their relationship that they wouldn’t have to lie about. Monroe rattles off a litany of the conditions that brought them together, and agrees that it sounds wrong.

The only thing they agree upon is that they concoct a short story of how they met they can both stick too. Then, Monroe adds that he’s always found the best lies actually have a bit of the truth mixed in. From that hint, we know that’s just what they’re going to do.

The following day, Nick and Hank are interviewing the secretary/scheduler of Robert Groson. They want to know if he was having trouble with anyone lately, and she mentions that her boss WAS having trouble with Mr. Burtrell at the Planning Commission’s office. And, when Nick and Hank interview him, he admits that there was contention regarding “the bridge project”, but he doesn’t add that it’s because Robert Groson wouldn’t be shaken down. As Nick is talking to him, he sees Sal morph into an ominous looking creature. During the interview, a coworker comes into the office and gives Sal an alibi. You can tell that Hank and Nick are suspicious, but they leave without tipping their hand. After they leave, Burtrell calls in two of his workers and tells them that one of the cops investigating the murder is a Grimm, and that means they’ve got a big problem.

The scene pans to Nick back in the woods, honing his archery skills.

Later, Nick goes to see Buddy [another creature from a previous show] because he believes he knows Arnold. Buddy tells him that he’s not seen Arnold in a few weeks, so Nick shows him a sketch-drawing of the creature and asks if he knows anything about him. Buddy gets a little antsy and comments that people who build bridges are like trolls – they expect you to pay to gain access. Nick now realizes that the murder had to do with governmental corruption that didn’t go down as planned, because Robert obviously refused to be blackmailed. He asks Buddy to let Arnold know he needs to talk to him if he should see him.

Meanwhile, Monroe goes for dinner and Nick and Juliette’s. He takes her flowers, and tries to be cool and calm when Juliette asks how they met. Nick mentions the case when the little girl was kidnaped, a case she remembers well. As they try to stick with their story, each gets tripped up in the lie, and Juliette looks back and forth between them, not knowing what to make of it all. This show has few comical scenes but the dinner scene was definitely one of them with Monroe asking Juliette if he can have the recipe for the vegan salmon she served to re-focus the conversation.

Next, we see Buddy, going to John’s house [the guy who’s hiding Arnold] to talk to him about working with Nick and stepping forward to go on record about the murder. Arnold doesn’t like that idea, because if anyone finds out, something bad could happen to him. John looks at him and asks what’s worse than being buried in a vat of cement? Then, Buddy and John both try to make Arnold see how beneficial it would be to them to have an alliance with a cop who just so happens to be a Grimm. They decide to take the issue to the lodge and put it to a vote, which I guess is what beavers do when they can’t agree on something.

Back at Sal’s office, he’s meeting with his two colleagues, expressing his concern over Nick working the case and asking him questions. They speak of going into hiding, but Sal says the only way to handle it is to have Nick dealt with, which is code for killed. Sal says that he knows a reaper who can handle the job, but the other two guys hesitate.

Elsewhere, Buddy calls Nick and ask him if he can meet at the old Power Plant the following night because they’re going to cast a vote and Arnold will be there. Nick thanks him for his help and assures him that he’ll be there.

The scene shifts to Germany where we see two men, one with white hair, speaking in German about both Nick and Capt. Renard. Then, another man walks in, and we know who he is and what he’s suppose to do.

When Nick goes to the meeting the following night, Buddy introduces him, and Nick tells them about the real threat to their [beaver society]. He tells them that one of them witnessed a murder and Arnold needs for them to come forward to help him stop the killer. He adds that he can’t help them if they don’t help him. Several of the people talk amongst themselves, but they can’t agree to force Arnold to step forward. They vote accordingly. As Buddy leads Nick out, he apologizes, and tells Nick that bravery isn’t their strong suit, but Nick disagrees. He tells Buddy that he was very brave when he came to his house about a previous case; came back to fix his front door; brought a pie and a blanket. He assures Buddy that those things took courage, which seems to mean a lot to Buddy.

Next, we see Sal get a phone call from the German man who we know is the reaper. They are to meet, but it seems to be a set-up for Sal, because once he arrives, he’s knocked out, beaten up and a plastic bag is put over his head. The killer gets a phone call from the German man. After he’s established control, the reaper tells Sal that he has some questions for him, but Sal says with fierce indignation that HE’s the one who called THEM, and the fact that his uncle was a reaper should be all the answer they need to know.

In the next scene, we see Buddy talking to a friend and says for the first time in his life, he’s ashamed to be a beaver. Then, the scene shifts to Capt. Renard who tells Hank and Nick that they’ve got nothing if the witness doesn’t come forward. They understand and go to see what they can do about that when Arnold walks into the precinct with his friends.

Meanwhile, the reaper is beating the crap out of Sal. He informs him that he hears “The Grimm” has friends in Portland, but Sal assures him that he’s no friend of his. Then, he demands to know why he would call them, if HE was doing something questionable, and gives the guys all of Nick’s information.

The head reaper looks at him and asks in a tone of humored disbelief, “Do you think we can walk into the Portland P.D. and cut off the Grimm’s head?”

Before Sal has time to answer, he gets a phone call. You got it. It’s from Nick. The reapers listen as Nick tells Sal that they’ve got a few more questions for him, and want him to come to the station. Sal, on the other hand, proposes an off-the-record meeting, and promises that he’ll make it worth Nick’s while. Hank and Nick go to the club and arrest Sal Burtrell for the murder of Robert. Across the way, the reaper is in a car, watching Nick.

Arnold is brought in for line-up and when they ask if he recognizes anyone, without hesitation, he tells them it’s the third man from the right. He’s certain of it. The man who’s just been identified is Salvatore Burtrell. Nick pats Arnold’s shoulder and tells him that he’s proud of him, then suggests that he lay low for a bit. They decide to hide him out at the lodge. Nick says that he’ll take him there himself for added protection.

As the caravan of vehicles leave to get Arnold to safety, the watching reapers begin to follow them. The guys realize they’re being followed and call Nick who’s in another car. The pull up in front of the lodge, and Nick tells them to get inside and quickly go down into the lodge and stay there. Nick pulls out his gun while he looks around and listens for sounds of the intruders.

The next thing we see is a reapers sickle swinging out of nowhere. It’s gunning, or swinging I should say, for Nick. Quickly, he pulls the bow and arrow from his bag and aims it at the reaper, killing the threat.

The scene takes us to Monroe’s house, where he’s playing the violin, when Nick calls. Nick tells him that he’s at the Bull Run Dam and asks Monroe if he can come and bring a shovel because he needs some help. Monroe goes to meet Nick with shovel in hand.

When he arrives at the scene, he exclaims: “Oh, my God! Dude! You took out two reapers!”
On the sickle handle in German it says “Reapers of the Grimm”.

Nick thinks he needs to send up a message.

Monroe agrees and quips, that when you send up a message, “Two heads are better than one.”

Next, Nick shows up at the jail and tells Sal that he met his friends.

Silent for a moment, but unable to help himself, He wants to know what happened?

Nick tells him that they kinda got angry and kinda lost their heads. Then, he leaves Sal to consider the repercussions and ramifications of that news.

When he arrives home, Juliette is standing on the front porch with a disbelieving look on her face. She takes him inside where dozens of baskets, bags and boxes of food are overflowing. The beavers are at it again.

Juliette looks at Nick. “What did you do?”

He smiles and replies, “Just my job!”

Back in Germany, a box is delivered to the white-haired man who sent the reapers to kill Nick. He looks puzzled by it and slices it open. It’s packed very carefully, with a note, that reads:
“Next time, do your best.”

He pulls the frozen lids away, then jumps with a start when he’s greeted by the frozen heads of his two reapers.

Game on! Message delivered! See you next week…

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