Conan Scores Double Digit Quarter Gains in Key Demos

Written by Alex Tucker   // April 11, 2012   //

ConanThis Press release comes as no big surprise. Every single day more and more people get cable and every single day Conan gets more comfortable at TBS. At first his show seemed awkward and a bit rudderless. Even Conan himself seemed to be embarrassed by the platform. Late night on cable? But TBS has pulled out all the stops for Mr. O’Brain. They cancelled Lopez Tonight, they gave him free comedic range and have allowed him to run his own camp. Conan will not end up like Keith Olbermann over at Current TV. Conan won’t be on Letterman saying, “I made a mistake.” No, Conan has been able to adjust and get his way unlike the popular leftwing commentator. It’s a good thing too. Late Night just isn’t the same without this wacky red head. 


TBS Press Release:


TBS‘s Emmy-nominated late-night series Conan started the year off with a bang as the show scored double-digit gains across all key demographics in the first quarter.

  • According to final Live + 7 data for Q1 2012, Conan‘s audience grew by +25% compared to the prior quarter, while adults 18-49 grew by +19% and adults 18-34 grew by +12%. For the year-to-date, Conan has averaged 1.1 million viewers, with 736,000 adults 18-49 and 433,000 adults 18-34.
  • Conan has charted six consecutive months of growth among adults 18-49, resulting in a +32% boost from the end of September to the end of March.
  • In an increasingly crowded late-night landscape, Conan‘s ability to attract young adult viewers has strengthened its position against broadcast and cable competition.
  • With the lowest median age (35) of all the late-night talk showsConan‘s audience is significantly younger than those of its competitors, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (median age 58), Late Show with David Letterman (56), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (52), Jimmy Kimmel Live (53), The LateLate Show w ith Craig Ferguson (52) and Chelsea Lately (37).
  • Conan‘s Q1 delivery of adults 18-49 (736,000) topped competitors like Jimmy Kimmel Live (658,000); The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (627,000); and Chelsea Lately (636,000). On nights when both shows air (Mon-Thurs), Conan also drew more adults 18-49 in Q1 than Late Night with Jimmy Fallon(721,000).
  • Conan‘s youth-driven success is especially apparent in its ranking among adults 18-34 (433,000), which outpaced The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (349,000); Late Show with David Letterman (310,000); Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (272,000); Jimmy Kimmel Live (234,000); The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (193,000); and Chelsea Lately (376,000) i n Q1.
  • In addition to its 11 p.m. premieres on TBS, Conan has expanded its viewer base through the network’s 1 a.m. encore presentations. The combined delivery of the 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. telecasts reach nearly 1.5 million viewers, more than 1 million adults 18-49 and 620,000 adults 18-34 each night.
  • The success of Conan extends well beyond the show’s TBS telecasts to include widespread online and mobile viewing, as well as interaction through Facebook and Video clips from Conan – presented through and YouTube – attracted more than 23 million web and mobile video views in Q1. In addition Team Coco has scored 1.8 million fans on Facebook and is the #1 comedy brand on Google+. The ability to promote and consume content across multiple platforms has mad eConan a desired destination for guests to announce projects and attain media attention not possible with other late night shows.
  • Since premiering on TBS in 2010, Conan earned three Emmy® nominations, including one for Outstanding Variety Music or Comedy Series and another for the show’s exceptional team of comedy writers. The Team Coco website has garnered a wide array of industry recognition, including a 2011 Emmy® nomination for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media and a 2011 Webby Award for Best Fan Site.

Produced by Conaco LLC, Conan airs Monday-Thursday at 11 p.m. (ET/PT) on TBS. Jeff Ross serves as executive producer of Conan. The show originates from Stage 15 at Warner Bros. Studios.

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