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FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (1:17pm)

Dennis Miller Joins ABC Comedy Pilot “Awesometown”

Dennis Miller is heading to ABC. He will share the lead in the new comedy pilot “Awesometown”. The former stand-up comic turned political pundit will join Ben Rappaport, Amanda Crew and Nick Kocher as part of an ensemble cast. The comedy revolves around the lives of young professionals who live in New York and work for Miller’s character Nelson Burke, the genius boss of an architecture firm. Burke is described as never having a smile and loaded with cut downs meant for his employees who can’t keep up with him. Sounds like “The Office” to me. Anyhow, Due Date writer Adam Sztykiel penned the pilot and will EP alongside Josh Bycel and Aaron Kaplan.



FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (1:14pm)


Lily Collins will be fighting demons in “The Mortal Instruments,”! According to, Collins is set to star as Clary Fray in Constantin Film and Unique Features adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” is the first book in the series by Cassandra Clare. The story centers on Clary Fray, an ordinary teenager living in New York, who discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, young half-angel warriors locked in ancient battles with demons. After the disappearance of her mother, Clary joins forces with a group of Shadowhunters who introduce her to an alternate city called Downworld filed with demons and other deadly creatures.


FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (10:12am)

Channing Tatum will be producing a Peter Pan reboot “Neverland”

According to, Channing Tatum will be producing a Peter Pan reboot. “Neverland” penned by Billy Ray (“Breach” Shattered Glass”) will center on Captain Hook chasing a child who abducted Peter Pan. Tatum will not star in the project, but Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”, “Pride and Glory”) will helm the film. “Neverland” premise is similar to Guillermo Del Toro produced “Pan” that lined up Aaron Eckhart, AnnaSophia Robb and Sean Bean last year, but has not started production. No start date has been given for “Neverland”.



FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (10:07am)

John Corbett joins New CBS Drama “Widow Detective”

John Corbett leaves “Parenthood” to co-parent in a new CBS drama “Widow Detective”. According to Television Blend, “Widow Detective” follows a prominent police detective who has lost three partners during his tenure. In the time after, the detective steps into the role of father and husband to each of his former partners’ families. Deadline is reporting John Corbett will be casted as Detective, Denny Brennan. “Widow Detective” is being produced by Carol Mendelsohn (CSI), David Hubbard and Julie Weitz for CBS TV Studios. The drama pilot is written by David Hubbar



FRIDAY MARCH 16TH (9:05am)

Rodrigo Santoro Will Return to “300″ as Xerxes

The ’300′ Sequel has added a familiar face in Rodrigo Santoro. The 36 year old Brazilian actor will reprise his role as Xerxes — the gold clad Persian Emperor. The reprisal won’t be easy for Santoro who claimed to have gone through grueling work outs and four hours of make up a day to portray the 7 foot God. Also attached to the film are Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton and Jamie Blackley. reports Noam Murro will direct the Kurt Johnstad script.




FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (7:21am)

Megan Fox & Zoe Saldana will conspire in “SWINDLE

Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana are bringing their hotness to Paramount Pictures. Fox and Saldana are conspiring with Paramount Pictures on a new project called “Swindle”. According to Deadline, the story is being kept under wrap, but the script was sold after both Universal and Paramount expressed interested in the story. The movie came out of desire of the actresses to work together. reports Michael De Luca (Moneyball) will produce the project along with Fox and Saldana. Enzo Mileti and Scott Wilson have written the script. The project is in early development



FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH (7:14am)

Ty Burrell & Max Charles have joined Dreamworks, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”

According to Variety, Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”) and Max Charles (“The Amazing Spider-­‐Man”) have joined Dreamworks Animation’s 3D film, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”. The film will follow the adventures of a genius dog, his “adopted” human and the WABAC machine-­‐a contraption that transports the duo back in time so they can witness historical events. Rob Minkoff will be directing from a Craig Wright script. is reporting Ty Burrell will be voicing Mr. Peabody, the world’s smartest person, who happens to be a dog. When his “pet” boy Sherman (Max Charles) uses their time machine without permission, the duo sent back in time to witness historical events which lead to disastrous and comical results. The Studio is expecting a March 14, 2014 release date.



Halle Berry is slated to star in “The Hive”

Variety reports Halle Berry has more on her hand than an engagement ring.  Berry is slated to star in “The Hive.”  The project from “Exit Wounds” screenwriter Rich D’Ovidio focuses on a 911 operator trying to help a young girl go up against a killer from her own past. broke news that director Joel Schumacher was interested in casting Berry.  Berry had scheduling conflicts and Schumacher eventually dropped from the film. The project is now being helmed by director Brad Anderson, who previous helmed The Machinist. – Alicia 




Hugh Jackman Will Star in Alcon Entertainment’s Thriller “Prisoners”

According to Hugh Jackman, the dancer, Singer, Model, Actor and all around stud from Australia, (Mind you, I’m a straight guy handing out this praise) has signed on to play Keller in Denis Villeneuve’s “Prisoners.” The Aaron Guzikowski (Contraband) penned script is about a small town carpenter who heads to the big city to find his young daughter and her friend who have been kidnapped — Sounds kind of like “Taken”. The difference being Jackman’s character butts heads with the lead detective on the way to finding his little girl. Apparently, production of the film won’t begin until 2013 because Hugh will be shooting “Wolverine: X-man”. So, look for it in November of next year.



THURSDAY MARCH 15, 2012 (2:05pm)

Nathan Fillion Has Been Cast in the “Percy Jackson” Sequel

According to Nathan Fillion has been has been cast as Greek God Hermes in the fantasy sequel “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters” — Jezz, I hope that is a working title. The film which is based on Rick Riordan’s series of popular young adult novels will bring back Logan Lerman as it turns out. The first installment, “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” did mildly well at the box office. It pulled in $88m domestically, but its the $137m foreign that has warranted the sequel in FOX’s mind. To tell you the truth, I could do with out the sequel — it’s no Harry Potter.



THURSDAY, MARCH 15TH (12:50pm)

Clive Owen & Billy Crudup join Guillaume Canet’s “Blood Ties”

According to The hollywood Reporter Clive Owen and Billy Crudup have joined Guillaume Canet’s “Blood Ties.” Mila Kunis, James Caan, Zoe Saldana and Marion Cotillard are also aboard — wow that’s a mouth full of great talent. The film is an adaptation of a French Novel titled “Les Liens Du Sang,” and it centers on a younger brother (Crudup) who pulls his older brother (Owen) back into the life of crime. The film was written by James Gray who also wrote “We Own The Night.” Kunis and Cotillard play the love interests.



THURSDAY, MARCH 15 (10:37)

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are collaborating for their fifth film together is reporting that Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are collaborating for their fifth film together. Taking on “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The movie will be based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir. In it he tackles his hard parting, drug addicted days as a stockbroker. Eventually the party ends when he is indicted for security fraud and money laundering. The film will be financed by Red Granite Pictures and it’s sure to make a splash. I love Leo and Marty together. You can be sure it will be a fantastic film.



THURSDAY MARCH 15, 2012 (9:58am)

Keira Knightly Will Take The Lead in The Adaptation of Nicholas Sparks “Safe Haven”

Keria Knightly was made for romance and she knows it. According to Keira is all set for another one in Lasse Hallstrom’s adaptation of Nicholas Sparks “Safe Haven.” The actress is in negotiations to take on the lead role of Katie. The film is about a young woman, Katie, who appears in a small North Carolina town with a past she’d like too forget. In the town she begins to fall in love, but struggles with a dark secret that haunts her. It sounds interesting and a bit dark. I’ll let you know when she signs on the dotted line.



Anthony Michael Hall, Danny Trejo, and Mickey Rourke Are Set To Star In “Dead In Tombstone”

According to  Anthony Michael Hall, Danny Trejo, and Mickey Rourke have signed on to star in Mike Elliot and Glenn Ross’ new film “Dead in Tombstone.” The film was penned by Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles and will be directed by Roel Reine. In the film Trejo plays a leader of a gang of outlaws — seems right. Hall plays his half-brother and together they plan a heist of a mining town. But, Hall double crosses Trejo and to come back from the dead to exact revenge, he makes a deal with the Devil played by Mickey Rourke.


THURSDAY, MARCH 15 (8:02am)


The show “Joey Dakota” is based on an Israeli series about a woman who travels back in time to meet a rock star who died that she’s been making a documentary about. She doesn’t know how she went back into time, but once there she begins a romantic relationship with the rock star. Then suddenly she is sent back to the present, but is determined to go back. Scott Wolf plays a mysterious man named Franklin, who knows all about Maya’s time travel and may be able to help her get back. []


THURSDAY, MARCH 15 (7:47am)


According to Simon Pegg has signed on to make a funny man appearance in Frank Darabont’s new TNT pilot “LA: Noir”. Darabont’s oust from “The Walking Dead” has been well chronicled, but he seems to be brushing it off and moving on with his career. Pegg will join Jon Bernthal, McDonough, and Milo Ventimiglia from “Heroes” fame. The show will explore a post WWII Los Angeles filled with gangsters and turf war.





According to Jeremy Renner has been offered the lead of “Motor City.” The film has seen it’s share of rumored leads. Most notably Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, and jake Gyllenhaal. All of which have turned down the roll. Renner is the latest to get the call to stars as a former Army Ranger who’s framed for a crime and sent to prison. Once he gets out, he begins tracking down the guy not only who put him away, but stole his girl as well. Jeremy Renner is a hot comity right now, I have a feeling he will pass on the offer.

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