7 Days Of Sex Premieres April 26

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7 Days of Sex7 Days of Sex Premieres April 26th!

7 Days of Sex is a new Lifetime reality series that premieres on April 26, 2012. As a therapist I was very interested in learning more about the premise of this show, and I look forward to watching it later this month. 7 Days of Sex will challenge couples to have sex every day of the week for an entire week. The couples on this show are all struggling for one reason or another, and they are featured on this series because they want to improve their relationship. The hope is that this challenge will help them connect emotionally and physically, and strengthen their relationship.

7 Days of Sex will also explore whether or not this challenge is just seen as a chore for the couples, or if it helps them to become more intimate.  With a 50% divorce rate in our country, let’s hope that this challenge really does work for these troubled couples!

From a psychology perspective, there are many variations of this form of suggested “homework.” Some therapists advise the couples to refrain from sex for a week or month. The therapist instead suggests that the couples tease one another for a specified amount of time with no sex involved. This is a form of
“reverse psychology” because couples realize that they just cannot live without sex when they are told that they can’t have it! It also allows them to become more intimate with one another, without the pressure of sex.

Other therapists prefer the 7 days of sex, or sometimes even 30 days of continuous sex. The therapist assigns the couples homework and asks that the couples have sex every single day for the specified time period. 30 Days of Sex has been a popular story in major outlets such as Cosmopolitan and Health Magazine. There are also several books that describe the 30 days of sex, including one written by a former Playboy Playmate turned sex therapist.

Recently CBS News featured a story about a pastor in Southwest Florida who asked couples in his congregation to have sex every day for 30 days. In explaining his advice he told his churchgoers the statistic that 20 million Americans who are married have sex fewer than 10 times a year. Many of the churchgoers said that the challenge was extremely effective. On a side note, the pastor also asked that single people refrain from sex for 30 days.

What are your thoughts on the 7 Days of Sex challenge? My big question is whether the couples on this reality show will really need a full 30 days to see a big change.


Watch the Ladies on The View Talk About Pastor’s 7 Days of Sex:

Californication Spinoff In The Works!

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