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Written by Jhill Bosher-Perran   // April 20, 2012   //




“Cat and Mouse”




Author’s Note: I must preface this comment by stating how much I love this show. That being said, I find it very frustrating that there’s not a complete listing on the NBC website for this show that gives one the accurate spelling of the Grimm creatures. I have found a partial list, but nothing that names all the various types of creatures we come in contact with on a weekly basis. It would be very helpful to those, like me, who critique and recap this show. As a result, I have tried to the best of my ability to spell the words as phonetically as possible, while taking into account the German dialect. NBC, PLEASE correct this problem and print a compilation of all the pictures and names of these creatures who comprise the registry of Grimm beasts.


The show opens with Nick drawing a picture of a Grimm creature, he writes two words beside its name: sadistic and treacherous.


Flash to Washington, D.C.


There is a Grimm creature sniffing the air, looking for someone.


Pan to St. Louis, where an envelope is slid beneath someone’s door. The occupant of the room appears to go out the window, but after the door is kicked in and a man with a gun enters, the occupant leaps out from behind the door and attacks the intruder. A wrestle-match for the gun ensues, and the intruder is killed by the rooms occupant. We see the man push open the hand of the intruder to reveal a Tattoo on the inside of his palm.


The first few minutes are fast paced with back and forth men appearing, and chasing after each other. At this point, we have no idea who anyone is, and it can be a bit dizzying, but it all unfolds soon enough.


The following morning, a man shows up and calls someone, speaking in German.


Then, we see the occupant from the hotel room getting off a bus. No more has he stepped onto the street than we see the man who went into the hotel room earlier in the morning to discover the dead guy appear on the street as well. He calls to the man and begins shooting at him. We learn that he’s hit the man and finds a black satchel that the guy dropped.


Now, we see Capt. Renard enter a room and the man who shot at the guy at the bus depot appears out of the shadows. He’s got a similar Tattoo on the inside of his hand as the dead guy in the hotel room. He tells Capt. Renard that his name is Edgar and he’s with the German resistance.


Capt. Renard doesn’t appear to be too concerned with this man nor what he wants, but he’s immediately cautioned to be concerned about this resistance and what could happen to him if he refuses to help.


The scene shifts to Hank who is talking to Juliette. He tells her that he and Adalind were together for about a second, and he’s actually glad it’s over. Then, he mentions that if he didn’t know better, he’d swear she slipped him a Rufi [date rape drug]. Before Juliette can respond to that, Nick comes into the kitchen, and Hank informs him that they’ve got a shooting at a bus depot.


“No body – just blood,” he says.


The scene shifts to Rosalee walking into a room where she’s grabbed from behind. She kicks him and manages to get away from him. When she sees who it is, she calls him Ian. This is the occupant of the hotel room who was shot outside the bus depot. Apparently, he’s a friend of both Rosalee’s and her deceased brother, Freddy, who he’s come to see. Rosalee informs him that Freddy was murdered several weeks back. Ian looks both shocked and bewildered. He tells her that Freddy was suppose to have papers ready for him as well as a new identity. Rosalee becomes concerned and asks him what kind of trouble he’s in and why he needs a new identity. Ian tells her that it’s best if she doesn’t know.


Over at the bus depot, Nick and Hank are scouring the scene. They find a 9 mm slug. Then, they speak with the bus driver gives who gives them a hat that the guy left. He also tells them that he has his name: it’s Lester Cullen. He tells Nick and Hank that the guy was British and paid in cash, but the most interesting thing about him was he carried as his luggage one of those “knapsacks” – the kind you don’t see anymore. They’re trying to figure out what they’re looking at when the scene shifts to Rosalee.


She calls Monroe and asks him to come over because she needs some help. Once he arrives, he smells the blood immediately and asks her what’s going on? She quickly explains what happened and takes him into a room where Ian lays injured and out of it. She tells Monroe that she needs help getting the bullet out but Monroe is leery, saying they should take him to the hospital. Rosalee tells him why that’s not an option, and she can do the procedure, but she needs him there for moral support. Monroe looks at Ian and Rosalee asks him if he’s ever heard the term “Laufer”? Monroe’s eyebrows shoot up as he tells her yes. It’s old country stuff. She, then, tells him who Ian Harmon is: a journalist and one of the leaders of the German resistance.


Back to the investigation, Nick and Hank discover that the 9mm shell casing they have is not from a typical 9 mm gun. The bullet was manufactured in Germany. They aren’t sure what it means, but they got to fill in Capt. Renard.


Next, we see Edgar at a bar having a beer and making small talk to the bartender whose face shifts for a moment into a snakelike creature. Two guys are fighting and he tells them to knock it off before he offers Edgar a complimentary beer because of the ruckus. Edgar asks him about papers, namely passports and tells the bartender, whose name is Luke, that his are outdated. Luke gives him a card and tells him that the guy is top notch. He leaves a passport on the bar-top as he leaves and Luke examines it. It says: Ian Montgomery. Suddenly, he gets an uncomfortable look on his face as his patron’s face turns into an ugly looking GRIMM creature. Luke asks him what he wants, and he says a dead guy, pulling out his Luger and shooting him.


Monroe questions Rosalee about the man who’s lying on her sofa. She tells him that he was a friend of Freddy’s, but she knows him too. She says that he can be trusted. She also infers that she and the injured guy were romantically involved. Monroe asks her what happened, and she says that he left her; she was angry; and, it’s all in the past. The guy wakes up and calls for her, and they turn into their Grimm characters. Monroe watches and a look of concern and jealousy registers on his face.


Hank and Nick are looking at the passport that the bus driver gave them. It says Ian Harmon. Yes. Ian Harmon. They get a call about the bar shooting and head over that way. Guess who shows up pretending to be a witness to the shooting? Edgar. However, he looks at the passport and identifies Ian as the shooter. Nick asks if he can get his name in case he needs any further information. Edgar tells him that his name is Max Kurtz. Then, Nick sees Edgar/Max morph into a bad looking creature.


He tells the guy to calm down, and leaves it at that. You can tell that Nick is really confused and concerned by all that’s going on, and all that he’s seeing. He can’t seem to make heads or tails out of the information.


Back at Rosalee’s, they tell Ian that they need to call in a friend of theirs who happens to not only be a Grimm but a cop. Ian looks skeptical, but they tell him that Nick is the real deal ,and he’s friends with a Blutbad and a Folksbrau, meaning him and Rosalee. The guy asks if Nick knows about the resistance? Monroe says that he does, so he agrees to let them put his life in Nick’s hands.


Nick and Hank report to Capt. Renard and let him in on what’s going on with their investigation. They mention the name “Harmon.” He tells them to check with Scotland Yard. Before Nick can do that, he gets a call from Monroe asking him to come over because he’s got a Civil Rights Activist/Freedom Fighter with a bullet in him, and he believes Nick needs to know the score.


Meanwhile, Edgar calls Capt. Renard and tells him that he’s enjoying his city. He also asks Renard why he didn’t tell him that he had a Grimm working for him, because he could be very useful to him. Renard says nothing about Nick.


Next, we see Edgar enter a camera store. He makes small talk with the camera shop owner, commenting on the cameras and the beauty of pictures that are taken with them, not the pixel crap of today. The camera owner seems pleased to have a customer who is both knowledgeable and appreciative of his business. He asks Edgar if he collects cameras, and Edgar politely replied no, but he collects other things. Then, he pulls out a 1926 Luger with a silencer from his jacket. He tells the camera store owner that it’s been in his family for generations. The owner gets upset and morphs into a Grimm character, then asks Edgar what he wants. He’s shown a picture of Ian ans asked if he’s ever seen the man. The man tells him that he hasn’t, and Edgar says that if he does, he’s to call him and leaves him with a threat against his family. When he leaves, the camera shop owner looks afraid.


Nick goes to meet Monroe. As soon as he enters the room, he pulls out his gun, when he sees Ian and tells Monroe and Rosalee that he’s wanted for murder. They tell him not to shoot him, but Nick says that his passport was found with a bartender who’d been murdered. They assure Nick that Ian didn’t do it because he’s been at the shop since Rosalee opened it that morning.


Ian looks at Nick and says. “If you arrest me right now, he’ll know exactly where I am.”


Monroe formally introduces them and Nick asks him if he knows of an Edgar Waltz. He enlightens him about who exactly Edgar is and tells him that anything that’s corruptible is acceptable to Edgar and his kind. Then, he tells Nick that, “This world is on the brink of war…” and rattles off about the Crisis in Europe, Middle East. He then states that agents of the “Veraat” have infiltrated the seven houses as opportunities to gain more control.


Nick asks who the seven house are and Ian tells him they are the royal families of Europe. Rosalee says that her parents were part of the resistance, but that Freddy was not. Ian then tells Nick the role that his family played in what’s unfolding.


“The Grimm’s changed the resistance when they went to work for the royals.”


Nick has no clue what he’s talking about, nor is he interested in a history lesson.


Ian tells Monroe and Rosalee with Nick listening that he’s lost his papers and can’t leave without them.


Nick asks if they’re talking about illegal documents to get him out of the country – reminding them that he’s a cop. They all agree that it’s important for him to find Edgar Waltz.


Monroe asks if how they can get him new papers, and Rosalee mentions a guy named Reginald [who happens to be the camera shop owner], but Nick stops her because as a cop, he can’t be a willing party to this type of discussion.


Rosalee goes to see Reginald, and tells him that Freddy sent her. When she shows him Ian’s I.D., he gets nervous, telling her that he can’t do it as his eyes scan the walls of his shop that have pictures of his family hanging on the walls, of which Edgar is aware. She pleads with him to help her, and he looks around nervously. Then, he tells her that he’s going to need some time.


At Aunt Marie’s trailer, Nick pulls an old reel of film from 1936 and begins to watch it. He learns about the infiltration of the royals. We see the troubled look return to his face. As he’s discovering things he’d rather not know, his phone rings. Edgar Waltz is on the other end. He tells Nick that they’re both looking for Ian Harmon, and he wants to meet him at the union station.


“How will I know you?”


“I don’t think that will be a problem, Detective.”


The scene shifts to Ian who is telling Monroe of his concern about Rosalee being connected to a Grimm. Monroe assures him that she’s in no danger. Nick calls and tells Ian that Waltz called him. He needs to talk to him about some things that Edgar asked him. He brings up the term “Freidenregen” and asks Ian if he knows what it is because he told Edgar that he did. Ian tells him that it’s a truce. “You both come unarmed and leave of your own accord.” Then, he warns, the minute the meeting is over and you walk away, anything goes. Ian assures Nick that Edgar will honor the Freidenregen during the meeting but all bets are off the minute it’s over.


Nick goes to the station to meet Edgar.


“I admire punctuality,” he tells Nick.


“Hands out of your pockets, please,” Nick requests.


Then, Nick says “I guess you did witness the murder of the bartender.”


They speak of rules and how they’re meant to be broken. Nick knows that Edgar killed the bartender, but he tells him to look around the stations and threatens him with innocent victims being killed if Nick tries to arrest him.


“We’ve always been allies of convenience.”


Nick denies being any sort of ally to this man.


“If you don’t help me find my prey within 24 hrs., you’ll find dead bodies all over the city.”


Nick is left to ponder that.


Just then, Reginald calls Edgar and tells him that Rosalee wants a passport for Ian. He tells him to give it to her.


Back at the station, Nick and Hank tell Renard that the murderer called him, but they think they’re being played.


Meanwhile, at Reginald’s Cameras, Rosalee picks up Ian’s new passport. She thanks Reginald. He tells her she owes him nothing. Then, he tells her that he’s sorry and apologizes. She wants to know for what?


“Your bother,” he says. “He was a good friend.” We, however know that Reginald is apologizing for double-crossing her.


After she leaves, Edgar comes up behind Reginald.


“You promise you won’t hurt my family?”


He assures him that he won’t because he kept his end of the deal, then he leaves the shop and follows after Rosalee.


A police car speeds to Reginald’s and Nick and Hank finds him death with the burner phone on his chest.


Capt. Renard says in an irritated tone, “he’s playing us!”


At the tea and spice shop, Rosalee is putting money in an envelope when Edgar enters. Just at that moment, she sees a note from Reginald and the word “Verrat.” She knows that whoever is behind her means trouble.


She turns to face him, and Edgar tells her that he prefers not to hurt her.


He tells her to call Ian. Instead, she calls Monroe, and tells him that Edgar is there and to get her to safety.


Edgar takes the phone and calls for Ian, but Monroe tells him if he harms one hair on her head… However, before he can finish his threat, Edgar tells Monroe that he’s got 15 minutes to deliver Ian Harmon to him or he’ll kill his girlfriend.


Monroe immediately calls Nick and tells him that Waltz has Rosalee. Nick says for him not to do anything until he gets there.


Monroe tells him if push comes to shove, he’s shoving.


Inside the teas shop, Edgar gives Rosalee a history lesson about the resistance. “The oppressed become the oppressors….you don’t understand a word I’m saying.”


She tells him he wasn’t listening.


Nick arrives and says that he’s going in, but Ian says this isn’t his fight.


Nick says that Edgar won’t be expecting them, and it will buy them time. They make a plan, but we’re not privy to it until the end of the show.


Nick walks into the shop, saying, “You want Ian, I’ve got him.”


“Where is he?”


In walks Monroe telling Edgar that he’s the one who was called. Edgar is confused as Nick and Monroe exchange verbal attacks about each other which are part of the ruse. Next, Ian comes in and tells Edgar the Monroe is a Blutbad and a scuffle breaks out.


Ian pulls out a gun but is told to put it down because even if Edgar is killed, they’ll send someone else for him. He shoots Edgar anyway, then says to Nick. “At least now your friends will be safe.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what the right thing is.”


“Sometimes it’s not,” Nick replies as he arrests him.


Rosalee begs Nick not to take him in. “You’ve got other things to worry about!”


Monroe starts to plead Ian’s case but Nick tells Monroe that he’s got one thing to take care of: to get rid of Waltz’s body. Monroe understands. Nick drives Ian to a station and gives him his freedom.


“I’m saving my friends,” he tells him. “If you go to trial, they’ll be dead.”


He hands Ian a packet of paperwork that contains a passport with money. “Now don’t come back”


Ian looks at it then at Nick, and leaves.


Out in a field, Capt. Renard is looking at a body. A passport is on Edgar’s body with the Luger. He’s identified as the guy who killed the bartender.


Nick flashes to words Ian said to him, “This world is on the brink of war….” and the show ends.


As I said last week, we’re counting down to something, but it still remains unclear. All I know is that next week, the reapers are coming and from the previews, it looks pretty GRIMM. See you next week.

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